• Open Data - Flood Risk Forecast API

    The flood risk forecast is produced by the Flood Forecasting Centre (FFC) on a daily basis. It is issued more frequently when serious flooding is forecast. It provides the indication of the potential for flooding for five days: the day on which it is issued and the subsequent four days ahead.

    The forecast highlights flood risk on a county by county basis and includes a short commentary on the situation. It covers flooding from rivers, the sea, surface water and groundwater for England and Wales.

  • Open Data - Live Flood Warnings and Alerts API - Version 2

    Natural Resources Wales issue warnings of floods that cover specific warning or alert areas. The floods API provides a listing of all current such warnings and is updated every 15 minutes.

    Note: This version will now return Warning & Alerts in a 'Warning no Longer in Force' Status.

  • Open Data - River Levels API

    Provides information on readings of river levels at our measurement stations across Wales.